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Innovating Branch Experience Design



In May of 2011 Acru launched a next-generation retail financial services delivery model.  It was a complete re-design of the the way a community can access resources such as banking, investments, insurance, tax and estate planning.  Our aim was to meaningfully improve the interaction of money and life by offering access to Strategists trained to bring clarity and preparedness to the circumstances and products related to your money.  There was no fee or minimum asset level required to work with a Strategist and we designed our retail space in a way that facilitated conversations more than transactions.  The creation of our own coffee house, The Copper Coin, allowed our community to live and work in our space as we sought to invest locally in the people and businesses our organization was created to serve.

The results were impressive as Acru closed north of 60% of the over 5.25 opportunities identified per relationship as we utilized our proprietary Clarity Mapping process.  With client acquisition and wallet share expansion being the primary business goal, Acru was a meaningful success.

Here are a couple of the articles that chronicled how we sought to change the way the world views money:

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