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It’s really a question of direction.  Vision, as it relates to business, should articulate an aspirational call to take action in a specific direction.  Without Vision, as King Solomon would say, people cast off restraint; they have no rudder; they are without a true north; they perish.  The same is true in business.

Vision is a description of the legacy we hope to leave behind after we are gone.  It is an essential part of answering ‘Why?’.  There should be an elegance in the simplicity of your Vision in that when articulated, anyone will understand the driving force behind the actions of your organization.  This is why we are here; this is where we are going.

Vision is not marketing.  It is not a tag line; it’s too sacred to be cheapened in that way.  Vision and the act of chasing after it will attract other like-minded, passionate people.  It has the power to rally a group of people like a cause worth fighting for.  The unity forged by a singular Vision creates a competitive advantage that cannot be replicated.