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Why Blog?



I made myself a promise when I decided to start blogging:  I won’t do it unless I have a clear, redeeming reason for sharing something and that reason can’t involve making myself feel smart.  That being said, my heart on has settled on the subject of inspiration as a bi-product of shared wisdom.  Here is how I would characterize that:

I believe wisdom should be shared

  • Wisdom is a form of knowledge properly contextualized and seasoned by experience.
  • Context is a form of proper perspective.
  • Correct perspective comes from clarity related to all factors influencing a situation.
  • Clarity in a matter is an encouraging thing.

If my random thoughts give any version of clarity, perspective, context or knowledge that applies to the life or work of the readers of my blog, then I believe it can encourage and thereby inspire.

In addition I am eager to synthesize the stuff I am learning into some type of useful resource for others.  The truth is that I get restless in a perpetual state of curating knowledge.  God wired me to teach and I truly enjoy pulling lessons, analogies and parallels from random sources and applying them to life and business.

Please know that I don’t pretend to have all the answers, or even most of the answers; the only thing I can boast in is that I do know the One who has all the answers.  Actually, He knows my questions before I ask.  I am a Christian therefore I view the Bible as 100% truth and its principles as the litmus test against any other source of knowledge or perspective.  So I hope this blog challenges me as I write and you as you read to apply knowledge and understanding from sources that provide truth that is real, and application that brings inspiration to whatever you find yourself doing.