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Why do you exist?



You know them when you see them.  Those organizations that transcend the space in which they operate.  They are known for the experience associated with their brand.  More than different, they are remarkable.

I believe those organizations are developed with intentionality.  I believe legendary brands are born from somewhere deep within a corporate culture anchored to a common purpose.  Unified by a belief system and focused on a vision clearly cast by leaders who understand the answer to the most important question asked of any organization: “Why do you exist?”

Answering this question is at the core of building a powerful brand.  I say this because it is very difficult to build a united team with no clear purpose;  and I am confident that most would agree that your people are at the heart of anything you accomplish as an organization.

It is important to understand that there is actually an architecture to your brand; an infrastructure that supports its ability to scale.  Much like a physical structure, if the design is poorly conceived there is little chance that the brand will become remarkable.  Therefore codifying key elements such as your Foundational Values, an Aspirational Vision and an Actionable Purpose, significantly contribute to the establishment of a solid foundation for your brand.

In addition to your values, vision and purpose, you should have a clear perspective of the space in which you operate.  That perspective should be articulated by the establishment of a desired brand position and a defendable competitive advantage.  This will represent the key brand components focused on how you compete.

Finally,  a deep understanding must be developed of your ideal client and the relevant value your organization offers.  The identification of these 7 core elements of your brand and the language you select when articulating them, have the ability to provide the structural brand integrity necessary to support your business model and the story you tell the world.